E401 - Earned Value & Financial Forecasting

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Course features
  • Video
  • Course Notes
  • Study Time:  6 Hours
  • Assessments
  • RIB Certificate
  • Access for 2 weeks

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Course overview
Are you an experienced User of both Candy Estimating and Candy Planning, and want to know how to compile and manage Financial Forecasts & Earned Value analysis in Candy?
Then this is the course for you. Get to grips on preparing Earned Value Management graphs, cost and allowable comparisons, forecasting of cost and allowable to completion. The course will also focus on the linking between the estimate and program and the preparation of forecasting graphs.
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  • Earned Value Definitions
  • Candy Job Analysis and Preparation
  • Verification of Linked Estimate and Programme
  • Earned Value Process flow
  • Candy Forecasting of Quantities, Costs and Allowables
  • Variation Orders
  • Candy Earned Value Progress Up-dates
  • Candy Cost & Allowable Analysis
  • Candy Earned Value Graph
  • Candy Earned Value Reports