E203 - Post Tender Project Control

SAICE & ASAQS Accredited      
Course features:
  • Video
  • Course Notes
  • Study Time: 16 Hours
  • Assessments
  • RIB Certificate
  • Access for 2 weeks

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Course overview
This course is designed to help the Post Tender commercial team use Candy Valuations effectively to generate monthly valuations, price variations, and to manage their contracts To-date, Remaining and At-completion Costs and Allowable. 
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  • Candy Estimating – Basic recap
  • Post Tender checklist
  • Job setup for Post Tender stage
  • Job Analysis
  • Value Engineering (or Re-modeling)
  • Summarising resources using Cost & Group codes
  • Controlling Labour and Plant using Task Codes
  • Variation Pricing and VO codes
  • Valuation Management
  • Costs & Allowables 
  • Subcontract Manager